Solidarity with defense of democracy in Honduras

To the Teachers, Students and all the People of Honduras:

The Initiative for Democratic Education in the Americas (IDEA), a hemispheric alliance of teacher, student and research organizations, extends its solidarity with the massive actions in Honduras rejecting electoral fraud and calling for respect for the popular will; through marches, rallies, and …

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Education Technology as a Trojan Horse for Privatization

By Dr. Larry Kuehn, British Colombia Teachers’ Federation

(This article will appear in upcoming issue #11 of Intercambio on Technology and Privatization) Favorite words of technology entrepreneurs are “break,” “disruptive innovation” and “creative destruction.” For example, Uber replaces taxis; Spotify breaks owning music collections; and, Amazon hopes to creatively destroy personal shopping for groceries as …

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Intercambio Magazine No. 12 “Call for Submissions: Working Conditions and Teachers’ Health”

During the past few years, the IDEA Network has undertaken multiple solidarity actions vis a vis efforts to strip the rights of teachers at all levels – from elementary school to post-secondary. We have witnessed a steady deterioration of teaching/learning conditions and educators’ standards of living, something documented and analyzed in numerous studies. However, the …

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Manifesto against PISA and the Framework of Global Standardization of Education

Download PDF here – Manifesto against PISA and the Standardization (December, 2016)

In view of the recent release of the results of the sixth International Program for Student Assessment (PISA), the undersigned declare our absolute rejection of the test, its national versions, and its homogenizing impact on educational systems. PISA is a standardized test …

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Questioning PISA:  examine the purpose, not just the rankings

Every three years the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development releases the results of international standardized testing it conducts in dozens of countries around the world. And every release of the test results creates a global explosion of comments on the state of education–most of them negative. The publication of the 2015 test results in December 2016 fits the pattern. Politicians from the few countries that top the tables will pat themselves on the back for their schools doing well. Most will find their countries further down the list and will point fingers and use the results to support policy proposals they claim will produce better future results.

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