The Education Researchers’ Network (ERN / RIE) involves researchers working with educator, student and community organizations in collaborative work that enables us to publish studies that analyze and compare similar situations and education policies in a range of American countries.

We currently have a variety of papers on topics related to globalization, the impacts of neoliberal policies on education, and alternatives and strategies that are being developed to defend public education.

Questioning PISA:  examine the purpose, not just the rankings

Every three years the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development releases the results of international standardized testing it conducts in dozens of countries around the world. And every release of the test results creates a global explosion of comments on the state of education–most of them negative. The publication of the 2015 test results in December 2016 fits the pattern. Politicians from the few countries that top the tables will pat themselves on the back for their schools doing well. Most will find their countries further down the list and will point fingers and use the results to support policy proposals they claim will produce better future results.

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