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Intercambio Magazine No. 12 “Call for Submissions: Working Conditions and Teachers’ Health”

During the past few years, the IDEA Network has undertaken multiple solidarity actions vis a vis efforts to strip the rights of teachers at all levels – from elementary school to post-secondary. We have witnessed a steady deterioration of teaching/learning conditions and educators’ standards of living, something documented and analyzed in numerous studies. However, the impact of these changes on teacher heath is has not yet received much attention. In this issue of Intercambio we are interested in examining the health impact of important labour transformations generated by neoliberal policies governments impose on education. It is important to demonstrate the connection between privatization processes, the precarization of labour and the deterioration of the health of education workers…

Call for submissions Intercambio 12 teaching conditions and health

If you are interested in contributing to this issue of Intercambio please send by the following dates:

  • September 9th: Deadline for a brief submission proposal (description of article or other contribution in 3-4 sentences that include theme and an estimate of length).
  • September 30: Deadline for submission of articles


Intercambio Editorial Committee

Coordinating editors of this issue: Sara Unda (Mexico), María de la Luz Arriaga (Mexico)

María Trejos (Costa Rica), Edgar Isch (Ecuador), Larry Kuehn (Canadá), Guillermo Chen (Guatemala), Steve Stewart (Canadá), Miguel Duhalde (Argentina)

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