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There is a new wave of privatization hitting the Americas, which is making public education become alert of the new attacks. The offensive comes hand in hand with the strengthening of neoliberal positions, as well as with the return of right-wing governments in several Latin American countries

Privatizing and commoditizing tendencies once again proliferate in the field of education, becoming stronger at a continental and world-wide level. That is the reason why IDEA Network/Red SEPA seeks to contribute with a regional reflection on their processes and trends in the Americas; as well as of their different expressions in various nations.

FULL PDFIntercambio 11 New forms of privatization




Privatization: the threat to the right to education… Edgar Isch López

Education Technologyy as a Trojan Horse for Privatization… Larry Kuehn

Privatizing trends both“in” and “of” Education in Argentina… Miguel Duhalde and Myriam Feldfeber

Privatization of education in the United States – making life safe for the billionaire class…

Larry Kuehn

The School at the Center: the privatization of education… Guadalupe Ibeth Luquin

Post-secondary education in Ecuador: Privatized and Elitist…Diego Morales Alarcón

The Oxl and APP Initiatives: new forms of privatizing and commodifying education in Peru… Hamer Villena

The National University“penitentiary” in Honduras… Ronnie Huete Salgado

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