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INTERCAMBIO #9 “Standardized evaluation. Resistance and alternatives”

Student and Teacher Evaluation around the Americas

The theme of this new issue of IDEA’s Intercambio magazine is “Standardized Exams: Resistances and Alternatives.” This focus grew from the context of the advance of conservative politics in many parts of the Americas – whether in those countries where neoliberalism has remained ensconced for decades, or in those where progressive governments achieved power, but are now being rolled back through coups and pseudo-democratic processes manipulated by judicial power and hegemonic media corporations.

In this context educational evaluation – whether standardized student exams or tests of teacher productivity – is manipulated by hegemonic powers to justify policies of control, erosion of professional autonomy, structural adjustment, and to commodify and privatize public education.

Full PDF of Intercambio 9


1 Questioning PISA examine the purpose, not just the rankings. Larry Kuehn

2 Cultural diverstity: a human right at risk from standardized evaluation. Julián Jiménez

3 The Role of evaluation in the Brazilian Education System. Olgaíses Cabral

4 Reflections on aspects of teacher evaluation in Ecuador. Edgar Isch

5 Pathways, limits and lessons of the Stop the SIMCE Campaign in Chile. Jorge Inzunza, Iván Salinas, Javier Campos

6 Teacher unión resistance to the onslaught of standardized evaluation in Argentina. Miguel Duhalde

7 Teacher evaluation”: The solution to problems in education or an excuse to privatize it? Hamer Villena

8 Standardized assessmente: a business in the time of cognitive capitalism. Lev M. Velázquez

9 Standardized testing in Ontario: Politicizing Quality and Accountability in Public Education. Gary Fenn, Domenic Bellissimo


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