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Intercambio’s New Issue

Rights threatened: Social Movements defend public education


In 2014 IDEA celebrated 15 yearsissue 7 as a space for the convergence of struggles for public education throughout the Americas. research paper writer reviews In defense of education as a social right, we have built spaces for interchange, analysis and debate regarding privatization and the policies of dispossession of rights, http://eckmandentistry.com/hko9-how-to-write-an-essay-on-bravery/ and we have advanced in generating alternatives for emancipatory education as a central element for the construction of democratic societies.

In this issue, the reader will find articles about ten emblematic struggles carried out by diverse labour and social organizations from Canada to Argentina. In the face of offensives by transnational financial capital and its governments to take possession of education and convert it into merchandise, it is our hope that these stories contribute to a greater understanding of the importance of resistance and the construction of democratic alternatives.

INTERCAMBIO 7 Rights threatened (full PDF of Intercambio #7)

August 2015, Intercambio 7



Presentation Editors’ Message

The mexican teachers revolt of 2013. María de la Luz Arriaga Lemus

California public education-2014. The Stakes Grow cyber crime research paper Ever Higher!
Steve Miller, Steve Teixeira and Rosemary Lee

Elements of the education situation in Peru. Hamer Eduardo Villena Zúñiga

“Modernizing” education reforms and the attack on teacher organizations in Ecuador.
Edgar Isch L.

Public education, social movements and recovery of popular education in Brasil
Roberto Leher

The fight of Chicago teachers to defend their rights and public education
Norine Gutekanst

British Columbia teachers strike for five weeks to reach a contract
Larry Kuehn

A slice of honduran reality: voices of organized women teachers.
María Trejos Montero

The evils of standarized assessment and how to overcome them (The Chilean Experience)
Jorge Inzunza H.

Teachers´struggles in Argentina led by CTERA: From organized resistance to advocacy.
María Dolores Abal, Miguel Duhalde and María Sormanni


Ayotzinapa and the offensive against the mexican people. María Ramos

José Ramos Bosmediano A tireless struggle for an education for the people, and by the people. Editorial Committee

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