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There is a new wave of privatization hitting the Americas, which is making public education become alert of the new attacks. The offensive comes hand in hand with the strengthening of neoliberal positions, as well as with the return of right-wing governments in several Latin American countries

Privatizing and commoditizing tendencies once again proliferate in …

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Manifesto against PISA and the Framework of Global Standardization of Education

Download PDF here – Manifesto against PISA and the Standardization (December, 2016) In view of the recent release of the results of the sixth International Program for Student Assessment (PISA), the undersigned declare our absolute rejection of the test, its national versions, and its homogenizing impact on educational systems. PISA is a standardized test …

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An excellent analysis from Teachers’ Solidarity about what is behind the education conflict in Mexico



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Canadian PM Trudeau raises killing of Mexican teachers during press conference with Mexican president in Ottawa.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who responded to IDEA’s appeal below, and called on Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau to urge Mexican President Peña Nieto to cease the repression of Mexican teachers and negotiate with teachers’ movement spokespeople of the CNTE.  It WORKED!! (He might not have been as strong as we would have hoped, …

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Standardized Education in Chile:

In Chile’s neoliberalized education system, high stakes, standardized testing has a tremendous impact both on students’ futures and how education is delivered in the country. This article explores the impact of the National System for the Assessment of Education Quality (SIMCE) and the growing movement to eliminate this system.

 Jorge …

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