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Estudantes GuatemaltecosEducation by and for the peoples of the Americas

The Initiative for Democratic Education in the Americas (IDEA) Network is a flexible network that brings together organizations in the Americas that share a commitment to protecting and improving public education, seen as essential to democratic development and the protection of human rights.

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Intercambio #10. EROSION OF THE RIGHTS OF YOUNG PEOPLE, criminalization of social protest in Latin America

The seriousness of the dispossession of the social and political rights of the world’s peoples that accompanies neoliberal capitalism’s deepening economic crisis, requires an analysis of current trends. It is important to examine the experiences of resistance and construction of alternatives by social movements in the face of an alarming ascent of authoritarian regimes of …

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Solidarity with defense of democracy in Honduras

To the Teachers, Students and all the People of Honduras:

The Initiative for Democratic Education in the Americas (IDEA), a hemispheric alliance of teacher, student and research organizations, extends its solidarity with the massive actions in Honduras rejecting electoral fraud and calling for respect for the popular will; through marches, rallies, and …

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