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Estudantes GuatemaltecosEducation by and for the peoples of the Americas

The Initiative for Democratic Education in the Americas (IDEA) Network is a flexible network that brings together organizations in the Americas that share a commitment to protecting and improving public education, seen as essential to democratic development and the protection of human rights.

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Solidarity with defense of democracy in Honduras

To the Teachers, Students and all the People of Honduras:

The Initiative for Democratic Education in the Americas (IDEA), a hemispheric alliance of teacher, student and research organizations, extends its solidarity with the massive actions in Honduras rejecting electoral fraud and calling for respect for the popular will; through marches, rallies, and …

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INTERCAMBIO #9 “Standardized evaluation. Resistance and alternatives”

Student and Teacher Evaluation around the Americas

The theme of this new issue of IDEA’s Intercambio magazine is “Standardized Exams: Resistances and Alternatives.” This focus grew from the context of the advance of conservative politics in many parts of the Americas – whether in those countries where neoliberalism has remained ensconced for …

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