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Estudantes GuatemaltecosEducation by and for the peoples of the Americas

The Initiative for Democratic Education in the Americas (IDEA) Network is a flexible network that brings together organizations in the Americas that share a commitment to protecting and improving public education, seen as essential to democratic development and the protection of human rights.

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Year 9, No. 12, August 2018

In this issue of Intercambio, we show that in spite of different social backgrounds of our students and living standards in the communities where we work, some things are pervasive. Governments impose policies that generate heavy workloads, longer work days and an excess of administrative tasks on …

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There is a new wave of privatization hitting the Americas, which is making public education become alert of the new attacks. The offensive comes hand in hand with the strengthening of neoliberal positions, as well as with the return of right-wing governments in several Latin American countries

Privatizing and commoditizing tendencies once again proliferate in …

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Intercambio #10. EROSION OF THE RIGHTS OF YOUNG PEOPLE, criminalization of social protest in Latin America

The seriousness of the dispossession of the social and political rights of the world’s peoples that accompanies neoliberal capitalism’s deepening economic crisis, requires an analysis of current trends. It is important to examine the experiences of resistance and construction of alternatives by social movements in the face of an alarming ascent of authoritarian regimes of …

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INTERCAMBIO #9 “Standardized evaluation. Resistance and alternatives”

Student and Teacher Evaluation around the Americas

The theme of this new issue of IDEA’s Intercambio magazine is “Standardized Exams: Resistances and Alternatives.” This focus grew from the context of the advance of conservative politics in many parts of the Americas – whether in those countries where neoliberalism has remained ensconced for …

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