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Intercambio #3. Alternative Pedagogies

Intercambio: Alternative Pedagogies – Volume 4, Number 3

Intercambio: Alternative Pedagogies

Intercambio: Alternative Pedagogies – Cover

The IDEA Network promotes various spaces of resistance to attacks on public education as a fundamental right. Intercambio functions as an informative tool for various intrinsically related concerns: to make visible denunciations and proposals to counter neo-liberalism and its ruthless
effects on education, amongst others.

This edition focuses on alternative pedagogical proposals, some still in the ideas stage and others in the process of being implemented, in the face of neo-liberal cuts and policies that promote the commodification of education. Although each proposal has its own specificities rooted
in its particular context, we are trying to build a bridge between peoples, a meeting-point, with praxis as a guiding principle. Without exception, these proposals have emerged from within educational communities who are participating in democratic action-research efforts, where classrooms
become micro-universes and a synthesis of the many contradictions of a world in crisis.

Read the February 2012 issue of IDEA’s on-line bilingual magazine of research on Public Education and Democracy.

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