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Education Research Magazine of the IDEA Network


Intercambio will attempt to cover the following themes: the right to education and the neoliberal threat; the public school of our times; educational quality; responsibilities and rights of teachers, other education workers, and students; the education-society relationship, and democratic initiatives and proposals for the transformation of education.

We believe that this set of themes, broad yet clearly oriented, will motivate teachers and
researchers to produce materials both from and for the continental movement in defense of public education. Our hope is that the magazine will become a gathering place -an open and diverse point of reference of analysis and proposals- for all the social organizations participating in the IDEA Network and the many more who share our objective of preserving education as a social right. We also hope that teachers, other education workers, parents, students, and social activists, will consider it theirs as well.

We encourage you all to send your comments and contribute articles so that the magazine continues to improve and so that we can open up an ongoing Exchange committed to the educational needs of our peoples.

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