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Intercambio: Alternative Pedagogies – February 2012

Intercambio: Alternative Pedagogies – Volume 4, Number 3

Read the February 2012 issue of IDEA’s on-line bilingual magazine of research on Public Education and Democracy.

Articles include:

Intercambio: Alternative Pedagogies

Intercambio: Alternative Pedagogies – Cover

  • School groups and teacher networks that carry out research in school. Miguel Duhalde (Argentina);
  • Profit, Merit and Society: the Protest for Public Education in Chile. Jorge Inzunza (Chile);
  • The new open period: New struggle horizons. Gustavo Pacheco (Chile);
  • Regional Educational Project: a transformative proposal. José Ramos (Perú);
  • In the context of an educational transformation. Based on an interview with Israel Montano, General Secretary of ANDES 21 DE JUNIO;
  • Imposition through financing. Indigenous Educational Centers in Guatemala. Guillermo Chen (Guatemala);
  • UACM and IEMS. Alternative educational projects of the XXI Century in Mexico. Miriam Sánchez (Mexico);
  • Teaching and Emancipation in Bolivarian Venezuela. Pablo Imen (Argentina);
  • Teaching for Social Justice. Deirdre M. Kelly (Canadá);
  • University extension seen from the educational perspective. Popular in the context of the new Cuban university. María Teresa Machado (Cuba);
  • A Path to Equality, Autonomy and Emancipation in the Classroom: Pedagogical Praxis from Central Amercia. Esperanza Tasies Castro y María Trejos (Centroamérica);
  • Final declaration of the XVI Latin American and Caribbean Student Congress. OCLAE

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