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Urgent Action: Ecuadoran Government dissolves National Teachers’ Union

The Ecuadorian government has ordered the destruction of the country’s national teachers’ union. Ask President Correa to rescind the dissolution order.

On July 20th, the government of President Rafael Correa accused the National Union of Educators (UNE) of failing to comply with strict new regulations it issued for non-governmental organizations. Although it did not specify how the UNE had violated the regulations, the government gave the organization 15 days to comply or face dissolution. Despite protests from around the world, including the United Nation’s International Labour Organization, Correa’s Education Minister, Agosto X. Espinoza, ordered on August 18 2016 the dissolution of the UNE. This is the latest in a serious of increasingly punitive measures that the Correa government has taken against the 72-year-old public school teachers’ federation.
The Correa government attempts to project an progressive image abroad, yet its treatment of Ecuador’s historic teachers’ organization is reminiscent of the worst dictatorships in the region.

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