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The reasons for using Virtual Data Rooms in Canada

The most common deals, which have the aim of increasing the productivity of the companies’ are M&A deals. They are about the consolidation of the companies in order to reduce the costs and to increase the productivity of work. There are three kinds of M&A deals. The first kind implies the process when the firms with the same spheres unite themselves. The second kind is about the consolidation of the organizations with the same spheres, but differing directions of work. And the third kind is about the consolidation of completely different organizations. Speaking of Canada we can conclude that despite a fact of its territorial proximity to the USA, which takes the half of worldwide deals, its neighbor is not very active on the M&A trade. In 2015 there was a fall concerning M&A deals in oil and gas sectors. This is a reason why we would like to offer the Canadian companies to use virtual data rooms to increase their number of transactions. What are the concrete benefits they can get? Let’s look together.


Benefit #1: The spare of space and money


Recall the using of traditional land-based data rooms. What do you need for it? You need quite a huge room full of thousands of papers. It takes not only too much space but also time and efforts to find something there. Do you like looking for files in the card indexes? We are sure, you do not. In such a way we have turned to one more advantage of virtual data room providers. They have modern searching systems, which will do everything for you. In what way can the VDRs save your money? We will explain. The service of providers is really cheap. Of course, it depends on the company, but there are only several really expensive providers. The average starting price is about 120$/ per month. Moreover, due to the fact that these rooms are located just on the Internet, they can be accessible from any continent, any part of the world. In such a way, your customers are not obliged to spend great sums of money for business trips.


Benefit #2: The improvement of your image


Think about our generation. What usually influences us most of all? What do we see when we turn on the television, surf the Internet or just go for a walk? Of course, it is an advertisement, the beautiful cover. And we offer you to kill two birds with one stone, in particular, to enjoy secure file keeping and to improve your marketing campaign. What we mean is that you will look very progressive in the eyes of your customers. Moreover, think about your individually designed data room. It is all possible; your VDR can contain your logos and be developed in your company’s colors.


Benefit #3: More control


Now you can decide what files are allowed for watching by concrete users and what are not. Also, you can see what deeds were overviewed, by whom, and how long. Furthermore, you are able to control the customers’ activity. In such a way you can pay attention to not very active clients and to improve and hasten your negotiations with them or you can just concentrate on the most active ones.


Benefit #4: Negotiating


The VDRs usually possess the Q&A (Questions & Answers) function. This allows you to carry on the negotiations right in the room. You will never lose your correspondence and will not have to mix these letters with other ones. Furthermore, with its help, you can negotiate with several customers at the same time. In such a way you reduce the risks that you can be left without clients.


Benefit #5: Comfort both for you and for the bidders


All these advantages are not only for you but also for your partners. And that is the main trump. What is more, many providers support different foreign languages, so your bidders will feel easy.


Benefit #6: Secure data keeping


You can be sure that your deeds will be kept properly. For this purpose, they will be encrypted and watermarked. Moreover, the providers offer you the two authentication system, so you will know that no stranger will have an admission to your data.


All in all, we can now draw a conclusion that the Canadian companies have to develop their M&A trade and the great tool for it is online data rooms. They can help not only to keep the data properly but also to increase the efficiency of M&A transactions.


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