Revista Intercambio

Intercambio 20

Public Education, Society and Environmental Crisis

Year 12, No. 20, may 2023

This issue of Intercambio Magazine explores the public education we need to build an active citizenry with thinking and skills that empower them to address the crises. It outlines obstacles that must be overcome to make these changes in public education, and explores some concrete examples in different parts of the Americas where community and schools come together to defend the earth.

The crises of climate change and ecological collapse present dual challenges for public schools throughout the Americas. As institutions working with children and youth from all sectors of society including the most vulnerable, public schools must adapt to address the direct impacts of these crises on the school community. These can range from mental health issues generated by climate anxiety, ecological grief, depression, and outright terror at the enormity of the crises, to physical threats such as displacement, forced migration, deadly heat waves, malnutrition, lack of potable water and poor air quality from wildfires.