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    Teaching to Transform: Intercontinental Meeting of Pedagogies of Emancipation and Resistance to Neoliberalism

    MEMORY OF THE MEETING The Pedagogical Meeting, held in Vancouver, Canada in April 2012, had a wide participation of representatives of organizations, teachers and grassroots teachers, students, who participated as delegates from the different countries of America, attended by about 80 people – 27 Latin America, 2 from England, 1 from Africa, 6 from the United States, and Canadians -. With a work carried out from the plenaries, and in working groups, it was possible to have an approach to how efforts are being articulated for the construction of a transformative pedagogy, some of the lines worked were: 1) Indigenous interculturality; 2) Non-sexist pedagogy; 3) Movement of Education for Emancipation.…