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    Intercambio No.3

    ALTERNATIVE PEDAGOGIES INTRODUCTION The IDEA Network promotes various spaces of resistance to attacks on public education as a fundamental right. Intercambio functions as an informative tool for various intrinsically related concerns: to make visible denunciations and proposals to counter neoliberalism and its ruthless effects on education, amongst others.This edition focuses on alternative pedagogical proposals, some still in the ideas stage and others in the process of being implemented, in the face of neo-liberal cuts and policies that promote the commodification of education. Although each proposal has its own specificities rooted in its particular context, we are trying to build a bridge between peoples, a meeting-point, with praxis as a guiding…

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    Intercambio No.1

    CAMPAIGN FOR A DEMOCRATIC, FORMATIVE AND PARTICIPATORY EVALUATION INTRODUCTION This edition of “INTERCAMBIO” is inscribed within the IDEA Network campaign against standardized testing as a form of exclusion and control of students and professors. The campaign also has the parallel objective to construct evaluation alternatives that foster an integral, humanistic, and democratic education.This issue also aims to continue follow-up to the work of the International Seminar on standardized evaluation and teacher performance organized by the IDEA Network in February 2009 in Mexico City. The central focus is on the struggles against standardized and teacher-performance evaluation and the promotion and articulation of ongoing processes to construct alternatives, developed through the education…

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    First Intercambio Magazine – June 2008

    Intercambio – Volume 1, Number 1 Contents The standardized testing agenda – Rosemary Lee The case of human rights violations in the “Examen Unico” – Sección Mexicana de la Coalición Trinacionalen Defensa de la Educación Pública The College of Teachers as a Source of Division among Teachers – Larry Kuehn A frustrated attempt to divide the peruvian teaching profession – SUTEP The experience of FREP in formulation and application of A Non-Sexist And Inclusive Educational Proposal – Luzmila Sánchez Cosio and Zoraida I. Aizpurúa Impact of FTAs on public education and the peoples of Central America – Interviews by María Trejos The teaching profession debates and presents proposals for the…