Revista Intercambio

Intercambio No.12



Privatization and the commodification of education, imposed by many governments world wide, disrupts not only the working conditions of education workers, but their whole lives. It also has a negative impact on the teaching-learning process which is why the health of teachers has become an increasingly relevant concern among unions and academics.

In this issue of Intercambio Magazine, we show that in spite of the very different social backgrounds of our students and the different living standards in the communities where we work, some things are pervasive. Without taking into consideration teachers ́ opinions or those of their organizations, governments have im- posed policies that generate heavy workloads, longerwork days, an excess of administrative tasks, the forced introduction of new information and communication technologies, excessive control, punitive teacher assess- ments, attacks on our pension funds and social security and, most importantly, the restriction of our autonomy, academic freedom and creativity inside the classroom.

Year 9, No. 12, august 2018