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Webinar Series

IDEA Network has launched a series of webinars called Public Education in Times of the Pandemic. Their purpose is to analyze the impact and the state of public education within the context of the pandemic crisis. Several subjects have been selected for their discussion with the organizations, and to advance in the construction of a common agenda for international fight.

The series are offered to social, student or popular organizations and unions committed to the defense of Public Education as a social right. Teachers, researchers, university students and the general public, who are interested on the matter, are also invited.

Who can participate?

  • Organizations that belong to IDEA Network.
  • Teacher and Student organizations; as well as those who promote popular and alternative projects for public education.

In order to facilitate a greater exchange, there will be two levels of participation:

1) The Zoom Call. Prior registration, one participant of each organization, the speakers and moderators of each panel will participate via the Zoom video call.

2) Live broadcast through the IDEA Network Facebook account. We kindly request the organizations involved to share the live link, so as to spread the discussion and have a more elaborated analysis.

At the end of the webinars, IDEA Network will upload the presentations, documents and all reference materials that are used during the panels on its website: www.idea-network.ca. A special edition of Intercambio Magazine will be elaborated using the speeches, and it will be published by the end of 2020.

With the purpose of expediting the participants’ registration in Zoom, as well as to facilitate the conversation during the webinar, a limit of 50 participants has been set. For this reason, we kindly ask each organization to appoint their representative no later than June 21st.  We also remind you that questions and comments will be collected during the live feed for the presenters.

Panel 2.

Date: June 23.

  • 13:00 hr. Vancouver, 15:00 hr. Ecuador/Mexico; 17:00 hr. Buenos Aires
SubjectThe capitalism of virtual platforms. Technologies and new forms of control over education. The profits of the large corporations.  
Speakers:  Larry Kuehn BCTF – Canada. The international context of virtual platforms, the corporations and new forms of controlling education.  Noemi Tejeda CTERA-Argentina (to be confirmed). The experience of CTERA on the reach of collective bargaining to guarantee working and pedagogical conditions. The achievements. 
Moderator:  Union Nacional de Educadores – UNE Ecuador  

Next panel:

Panel 3: The danger of normalizing online education and its impact on the work of a teacher

Date:  July, 2020


  • Teacher´s work: the pressure of the authorities to implement online courses. The danger of normalizing online education as a solution to grant low-cost education for student, by reducing the number of teachers.  Labor conditions in the households (students and teachers).